Image of Gail Booth


Gail was diagnosed with PMR in 2023. Having suffered for a couple of years prior to diagnosis she knows first hand the pain and impact on daily living PMR can bring.  

Gail is a chartered marketer and had a long career, holding senior and executive positions in businesses across multiple sectors. She gave up a corporate career due to her illness and now organises the newly established Cheshire support group, which meets virtually and face to face as well as taking up a position as a co-opted trustee last year.

Gail says: My journey to diagnosis was a long one, fatigue was the first and primary symptom for a while, but then I began to become more and more stiff. The pain was excruciating and in the end I couldn’t even dress myself.  My Rheumatologist initially thought I was suffering from Fibromyalgia. My Mum suffered from GCA a few years ago and she was the one who finally said, I think you could have PMR. I spoke to my Rheumatologist at my next appointment. He was surprised that I might have it, given my age, but tried me on prednisolone. I had a dramatic improvement in just a few days. has been a fantastic support, helping me to understand the condition and educate myself on self care to recover as quickly as possible and I’m now passionate about giving back and helping other people get the diagnosis, treatment and support to help sufferers navigate and get through this challenging condition.