About Us:

PMRGCAuk is a registered charity set up to meet the needs of people with the debilitating conditions polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and giant cell arteritis (GCA).  We offer support, raise awareness and promote research.

We were set up because:

  • there is not enough information for the general public to make them aware of these conditions and how important it is to seek help.
  • There was a need for an organisation to act as an advocate for people suffering with these conditions
  • The two conditions are relatively unknown and neglected, although widespread, and doctors often do not recognise the early warning signs or know about some of the more serious complications.
  • There is a major unmet need for better service provision for the two conditions.
  • There is no known cause or cure, and research is much needed.
  • People with PMR and GCA often feel alone and isolated with an illness that others do not understand.

What we do


  • Strive to promote knowledge and awareness amongst the public, to raise the profile of the two illnesses in the health and medical professions, and with employers.
  • Enable people with polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis to make contact and support each other through group meetings and our internet forum.
  • Campaign for fast and effective diagnosis and treatment to prevent sight loss resulting from undiagnosed giant cell arteritis (GCA) .
  • Serve as a co-ordinating body for established local support groups.
  • Encourage the setting up of new groups.
  • Work closely with other supportive organisations such as Versus Arthritis and the British Society of Rheumatology.
  • Promote, encourage and participate in research into PMR and GCA.

PMRGCAuk has an active role in ensuring that sufferers are not alone in enduring the trials and tribulations brought about by the symptoms and medication of the illnesses.

Our Services

Our Services

Telephone Helpline 0300 111 5090
Email Helpline helpline@pmrgca.org.uk

Our telephone helpline, is run by volunteers who have experience of PMR or GCA and can talk with you and offer support. They are available weekdays from 9am-5pm.
If they are unable to speak to you immediately, please leave a short message with your contact details and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please remember we are unable to give medical advice.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of GCA you should contact your doctor or go to A&E urgently, as untreated Giant Cell Arteritis can lead to complications including permanent sight loss.

Volunteers run a network of support groups around the country where you can meet face to face with others with PMR or GCA.

Our Forum
We host an online forum, called HealthUnlocked. Here you can share your journey, your concerns and experiences with others who are going through the same or similar with GCA or PMR. You can browse the Forum and decide if you want to join.

Information Pack
If you would like an information pack, with details of how PMRGCAuk can help and support you and others with PMR or GCA, you can download a digital copy or request a hard copy.

Digital packs save us lots of money each year in printing and postage but if you would prefer a hard copy, we are more than happy to send one to you.

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