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PMR Myth Busting Campaign

Posted on 20 July 2023

One of the things we regularly hear from patients is how there are often mixed messages about their condition – something that was highlighted in Dr Sarah Mackie’s PMR Voices research that stressed the need for education and awareness.

As a result, with Dr Mackie’s support, we had conversations with a group of PMRGCAuk members with PMR to develop ideas to help people understand one of the more common myths about PMR – that it only lasts two years – and in the process created four infographics to spread myth-busting messages to a wider audience.

Starting on Monday 14th August, we will be releasing these images as part of a myth busting campaign on Facebook, Twitter, HealthUnlocked and by email, and asking our members and supporters to help spread the myth busting messages. If everyone shares the message with a friend or on their social media page or with their doctor, we all help to raise awareness of some of the difficulties that people with PMR can face and some of the common confusions.

We’d like to thank Dr Sarah Mackie for her support, the PMRGCAuk working group of members, particularly Zoe Scott and designer Vince Walden of Walden Studio who donated much of his time to help produce a fantastic set of images.