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PMR Myth busting No. 2

Posted on 28 August 2023

Myth: Only women over 50 years get PMR
There are two myths to unpick here. First that PMR is a disease of women and secondly that you can’t get it below the age of 50.

Fact: PMR can affect anyone over 40 years
It’s true that women are more likely to get PMR than men – around twice as likely. But that still means around a third of patients diagnosed are men.

PMR is also most commonly diagnosed in people over 70 years of age. It is rare beneath the age of 50. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it in your 40s. We often hear from patients whose diagnosis was delayed because they were under 50. If you have the symptoms of PMR do mention to your doctor if you suspect it could be PMR – because it might be.

If you are male or in your 40s, you can still develop PMR. It is rare under the age of 50, but not impossible.