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Exercise and Movement with PMR – Webinar Video

Posted on 19 February 2024

We launched our exercise and movement booklet in January and also hosted a very popular supporting webinar. Both the booklet and the webinar were developed to help people diagnosed and living with PMR, and also GCA, to build movement safely into their day. At the time, the webinar was available to members only, but because it is such a useful resource for those wanting to use the booklet, we have, for a limited time, made this available to all.

The webinar includes a talk by Dr Anne O’Brien, Senior Physiotherapy lecturer at Keele University, who led the project of developing the booklet alongside a team of professionals from Keele and Leeds Universities and also with patient involvement.

Consultant physiotherapist, Will Gregory, from Salford Royal Hospital, demonstrated the exercises.

If you’d like to view the booklet or request one to be sent to you, please visit our resources page.